Call of the Blue team  

Philip Hamilton: author, photographer, ocean conservationist

Marine biologist Tom Hooper who led the content research and narrative on the book will run support grants committee and the relationship with grantee partners.

Jessica Rudd, marine biologist who helped on content research, interviewing and editing for the book will coordinate relationship with local organisations on the ground.  

Clement Perrette, philanthropist and book's co-producer leads the philanthropic efforts and fund-raising

About the book :

"Brimming with spectacular, full-page photography of underwater scenes from the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern and Arctic oceans and many seas, Call of the Blue tells the stories of positive, focused people who are working to save our oceans. The first book of its kind, Call of the Blue unites more than 100 modern-day explorers, sailors, free divers, film-makers, lawmakers and conservationists who talk about their lives, passions and exploits on, in or under the water. Call of the Blue demonstrates how the efforts of individuals and communities can inspire and drive change."

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