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Notable contributors include United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse; BBC presenter and explorer Paul Rose; Danish environmentalist and Director General of the IUCN Inger Andersen; French photojournalist and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Yann Arthus-Bertrand; Australian coral reef biologist J.E.N ‘Charlie’ Veron; American cetacean scientist and conservationist Roger Payne ; and American scientist and founder of the Wild Dolphin Project Denise Herzing 

Philip Hamilton


Text in collaboration with Marine Biologist Tom Hooper


19 NOVEMBER 2018 

Hardback, 285 x 380 mm

352 pages, 308 colour illus.

ISBN: 978-1-911300-51-9

DIVE Magazine- Winter issue 2018-2019

“Glorious set of underwater images with a well researched narrative”

The Guardian, Wed 21Nov 2018

“Teeming with images of spectacular underwater scenes from around the world, Call of the Blue is the culmination of a five-year project by the photographer and ocean conservationist Philip Hamilton. This groundbreaking book includes contributions from acclaimed scientists and ocean ‘guardians’, who reveal what drove them to answer the call of the blue. 

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